Alok Infrastructure has brought quality, innovation and satisfaction to every project it has handled. We are dedicated to completing your scheduled project safely, efficiently, and completely


We are a prominent name in road construction Industry. We are one of the major contributors in nation building process by developing several road infrastructure in most inhabitable areas in India. Some of the major road construction activities completed by us include:

  • ● National Highways- state of UP, Uttaranchal etc- nh119, nh59, nh 309
  • ● State Highways- Rishikesh To Srinagar Road
  • ● RTC Roads
  • ● Hilly areas Roads- uttarakhand, Ranikhet, Almora, and Mussoorie
  • ● Road markings
  • ● Road furniture


Armed with technological expertise and process driven approach, Alok Infrastructure has played a pivotal role in completion of different civil construction work both in private and public sector. Some of our civil construction work include:

  • ● Government school
  • ● Bridges
  • ● RTC Roads
  • ● Government building
  • ● Defense, and Pipelines construction
  • ● Few Residential projects as well
  • ● Tunnels


Alok Infrastructure is also involved in providing construction consultation services. We make sure that your project operates within a realistic budget. We also provide other construction services and installation of infrastructure like:

  • ● Drainage system
  • ● Protection Wall
  • ● RTC Roads
  • ● Signage installation